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15 May 2014: Rain

Water and earth
move as they will.
The buckled brick is   
just a suggestion.


29 March 2014

The palmetto
speaks with a rattle
against my hand.

Oak leaves echo
tumbling across
an empty intersection.

Oaks here save their leaves
for spring, dropping them
with the green snow
that dusts sidewalks
and cars alike.

Their green flowers
are strangely modest
for a plant so openly

Magnolia, 19 March 2014 (WIP)

Last year’s magnolia blossom    
lies pillowed on brickwork moss    
in an alcove in the back wall   
of a church.   

The showy blossoms fell    
leaving behind wood-grown labia   
that held red berries    
eaten or lost.    

Today, the green moss,    
the mold-blackened brick,    
the sprinkling damp,    
and an abandoned husk    
of sharp curves.    

12 March 2014

Clouds shade the streets  
with an early twilight.   
The wind reaches into my basket    
to toy with my lunch container.   
I weigh it down   
with the u-curve of my    
bike lock, for fear of littering.   

I look in time to see   
flowering green grass  
fringing green cinderblock   
on the corner of Macon   
and a tree wearing white   
stretching over garden wall   
welcoming insects.