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off my rhythm

Working on some things, actually, overworking on some things that demand some more time and attention to get ready.


Introduction and January Goals

“Why don’t you have a blog?” he asked. Well, previous attempts at family and technology blogging usually got about a month’s worth of content and then were abandoned. I do have a tumblr that might get linked eventually, if anyone is interested in my reblogging mostly around the themes of news, science fiction and fantasy, and whatever comics crosses my desk.

This is a more focused project, primarily working out some long-standing ideas about my relationship to nature, theologies (or atheologies if you prefer), and poetry.

Not that I claim to be good at any of the above.

Key themes:

  • Haiku: I’m shooting for about three a week as an exercise in attentiveness and writing. I’m using the definition of The Haiku Society of America which is more liberal in syllable count (due to different definitions of “sound” between Japanese and English) but stricter in theme and content.

  • Relationship to Nature: Short prose works that may or may not be in a formal essay form, links, and quotes. Possibly once a week.

Comments are on moderation. I’ll see how it works, and probably have a different set of goals next month.