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Library: 13 February 2014

The library model stands     
in a corner of the library.     
A delicate spire of     
wood veneer, molded round    
and capped with an arabesque    
dome and delicate inlay    
flanks the entrance.     
A temple filled with bookshelves    
browsed by tiny plastic men,    
indicating scale for    
three-story latice windows    
and rising stairs from    
the windowed hall.    
Littering the entrance hall,    
stacks of latice windows    
fallen–or perhaps pushed–    
from empty windows by    
finger vandalism.    
The other student works    
atop every bookshelf    
are fantastic postmodernism.    
Sails and frameworks defy    
tradition and physics.    
The exhibit lives    
in a renovated department store    
from the 1950s.